How NATO’s Article 5 could pull US into Russia-Ukraine War

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With Ukraine neighboring 4 NATO allies, the US may need to respond if one of those nations is attacked.

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Ukraine-Russia War: Latest News - The New York Times

05/15/2022 - The New York Times

Ukraine-Russia War: Latest News  The New York TimesRussia-Ukraine Latest News: May 15, 2022  BloombergFinland, Sweden inch closer to seeking NATO membership  The Associated PressLatest Ukraine updates: Russia withdrawing from around Kharkiv  Al Jazeera EnglishFinland and Sweden inch closer to seeking NATO membership  CBS NewsView Full Coverage on Google News...

Latest Russia-Ukraine War News: Live Updates - The New York Times

05/14/2022 - The New York Times

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Russia pulls back from Ukraine's second-biggest city; McConnell meets with Zelenskyy in Kyiv - CNBC

05/14/2022 - CNBC

Russia pulls back from Ukraine's second-biggest city; McConnell meets with Zelenskyy in Kyiv  CNBC...

Ukraine says Russians pull back from Kharkiv - Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

05/15/2022 - Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Ukraine says Russians pull back from Kharkiv  Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette...

Russian ambassador hints some Kremlin officials want war to end: reports - New York Post

05/15/2022 - New York Post

Russian ambassador hints some Kremlin officials want war to end: reports  New York Post...

Ukraine ‘can win’ war against Russia, says NATO chief - Al Arabiya English

05/15/2022 - Al Arabiya English

Ukraine ‘can win’ war against Russia, says NATO chief  Al Arabiya English...


  1. America needs to stay clear of the Russia Ukraine conflict. Russia is a nuclear power.

  2. Meh. I don't even care anymore. I still need to survive. So, yeeeeeaaaaaah. Meh.

  3. Refer to independance country,state of meanning seveignity everyone can defensse rhier own people ,border and terrories from a kind of subject of war and violence , by The democratic and communist or monach and other optional regard to thier peaceful prosperity . The dramaticly freedom state and national security the own were mean by people for thier people .
    Therefore many organise in this world it outcome unexpected ,keep posted and up date it still normally . As world society and mobility connected we not need any more world war .clearly No interesting at all ,complemind UN

  4. Ukraine is a puppet state for the USA empire and NATO, all people want to be free but no one can deny outside influences, that’s how the grand chessboard game works. Every single nation and country is merely a piece on the global chessboard being moved around by more powerful psychopaths. Read John Perkins Confessions of an Economic Hitman, watch Oliver Stone’s Ukraine on Fire, watch Michael Parenti video: Globalism, Imperialism, and Conspiracy.

  5. NATO is Germans, NATO is Germany. People who produced Hitler are at the border.
    What should I do?

  6. 400 miljon people in europe And the rest of the world. Dont want.a war or To. B involved in war. NATO is a dangerous organisation With no brains Putin. Was telling nato stop. Asking to join Independent country okey. But no Nato. Nobody listen in europe to putin sinds. 2005/2007. How about. The rest of the world. Selfish. Bastards. Alsow. Media. Talk peace. Instead of only war option. Media make me. Sick Think peace. Find. Solution. To get peace again. Ffs

  7. Poland must install land mines at its border to protect against Russia invasion.😭💔

  8. It was never spelled out clearly what constitutes an attack. Destroying an entire village? Shooting a missile at an airbase? someone taking potshots at border guards?

  9. A good prayer:
    I'm a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation and for shedding they Blood for me. I love you JESUS.
    Romans 10:5/10 ct…❤️k
    If you'd like to call someone who cares
    bc you don't know when you'll die?
    .y r u hesitant……….

  10. If they pull in it’s over for the world

  11. 1:39 If NATO is only interested in teritory then it is 🕰💣 situation.

  12. The Founding Fathers warned of European entanglement.Article 5 is a US trap to WW3.Be very careful of this.

  13. My biggest concern after article 5 is if Russia and China unite against NATO.Nuclear war or not , we will be in the fight of our lives.My only saving grace is that I feel China would not want to risk it’s economic super power status that it has worked so hard to obtain.

  14. …if we DON’T honour Article 5, then we have no reason to even be in NATO……wake up Brandon

  15. NATO needs to grow a backbone. Start the no-flight zone in western Ukraine, protecting routes for humanitarian evacuations; enlarge that area to all of western Ukraine; and flood eastern Ukraine with ground-based air defence at the same time. Communicate clearly to the Russian people that we are saving Ukrainians, not fighting Russians. Then, let Putin make the first move. He won't, because behind like all bully's – Putin is little more than a coward.


  17. Problem is war & contested territory bars a country from joining NATO & Ukraine has had that disqualification since Crimean peninsula was stolen.

  18. Mannn y tf we gotta be involved ain’t dis boutta bitch

  19. I just want to know why the Americans think they are the best and that they can do whatever they want and get away clean. I do not think so. There IS a God/Allah. The Serbs also think they are the best. Funny.

  20. Hope you join and get a taste of your own med. All these years after ww2, the u.s and nato can still invade and bomb whoever they choose without repercussions. They killed millions and millions of civilians in europe, Mid East and the nato members pet each other’s on the back and celebrate their so called victory. The u.s got kicked out from Afghan and still trying to push European countries into war while itself sitting on the coach counting money. Disgraceful military industry complex at work.

  21. Wegen des 11. SeptemberAnschlags und seiner 3,4,5 Tausend Opfer von Osama Binladen hat die internationale Gemeinschaft viele Soldaten nach Afghanistan geschickt und viele Jahre lang Osama gejagt und ihn erschossen. Putins Angriff auf die Ukraine hat bereits jetzt wesentlich mehr Menschenleben und Gebäude gekostet.

  22. In 60 AD Apostle Saint Andrew traveled to the area of Kiev, preached, and said, one day a great city would be built here with many churches to the glory of God. Today there is a church to Saint Andrew in Kiev. The peoples in the area were Slavic. Kyi, Shchek and Khoryv, three brothers and the sister Lybid founded Kiev in 482 AD, Kiev was named after the older brother Kyi. Kiev the older brother was King. Herodotus wrote that Hercules had founded this land.

    The Rus were Viking tribes that settled peacefully in Kiev as far back as 750 AD with the Slavs there, 400 years before Moskva existed. The name Russia, coming from the city Moskva, has no connection to the RUS. Russia coming from Moskva started with Batu Kahn much later as a vasal under Mongolian rule. All the early Czars were Mongolian and of no connection to the RUS. The Rus were with the Slavs to the south in Kiev. Moskva were Finnish Urgic Tribes; Mosk means cow and Va water, which are Finnish names. There was no RUS there. The ethnic background of Moskva is Finnish-Urgic and Mongolian. The Rus developed the religion, city Kiev, alphabet, churches, and had its saints. The founder of Kievian Rus (800) or the Rus was a Viking named Askold or Oskold (Norse) from Sweden; not Oleg as in the Russian story. Kievian Rus exists long Before Novgorod and Oleg’s arrival there. Askold is the Slavic name. Oskold, the first King of Kievian Rus was in Kiev before Oleg in Novgorod. Oskold had 200 ships and 20,000 warriors. Oskold was baptized in Constantinople (128 years before Volodymyr) and sent the first bishop back to Kiev. Oskold and Dir were the first Dynasty of Kievian Rus. Askold rules from the 40-60s and Dir to the 80s. Askold is buried in Kiev and the first Kievian Christian King & Dynasty. Oleg followed coming from Sweden through Novgorod and was a pagan. Russia as named today started in the city of Moskva over 400 years later after Kievian Rus or Rus. From Kiev, the capitol of Rus, Kievian culture was spread, much like the Greeks Hellenized the known world, or like the British anglicized the world by the English language. This process does not make Moskva to become RUS in as much as Persian are not Greek. How we are misled by a name; Russia. The capitol of the RUS has always been Kiev. There is no other RUS and no RUS in Moskva. Many say Ukraine began recently; but the culture of the RUS is Kievian RUS, both culture and ethnic background. Ukraine is a name given by Poland meaning outer lands. The land of the RUS before the Mongolian invasion was very large. The name RUS is a Norse name which means men that row; there are no men that row in Moskva. So Moskva adopted the name Russia while being a Mongolian vassal, essentially traitor to the RUS; and all the Czars were Mongolian-Finnish. The Culture of the Mongolian was centralized power, and that cultural imprint was passed on to present day Russia. Ukraine’s real name should be Kievian RUS, or Kievskarus! Russia began in Moskva by Batu Kahn and Novgorod conquered much later, still no connection to the Rus.

    Putin & Lavrov should be ashamed of themselves, the USSR was an occupation; it never had the status of a sovereign state and due process of law that would be associated with a free society. Even today the mentality of the gulag exists. There is no freedom of press and speech, people are arrested for speech, there is no due process of law, and the religion is state run making it totalitarian theocracy. As such, it did not deserve to exist in a free world; and history has shown such totalitarian organizations fail over time and author in many gulags. The true culture of Russia is Finno-Ugric and Mongolian, having nothing to do with the RUS (Kievian), expect borrowed as in the sense of Hellenized or Anglicized "forms" as a comparative reference. The centralized form of Russian politics is a very Mongolian imprint on culture. The actions of Putin seem to be another Mongolian invasion of Kiev; here I suggest as to the correct metaphor. I believe so. Putin & Lavrov insistence to have purview over eastern Europe also seems like paying tribute to the Mongolian Horde. Moskva started as an agglomeration of Finnish tribes, combining a Finnish name meaning cows water and developed by Mongolian culture. Mosk means cow and Va means water. The RUS are men that row, Vikings, Norse, established Kiev 400 years before (750 AD) Moskva even thought to exist. The name Russia for current nation is totally inappropriate. The current Russia started in Moskva; how misleading is the name Russia coming from Moskva that has no connection to the RUS. All the lands should be returned to Kiev; the West of Russia to Finland, and the East to Mongolia. Russia’s place on the globe appears as a temporary aberration in my view. To use threats of Nukes publicly strikes at the heart as adolescent behaviour; surely any nation or person that issues such threats and being an ally to such while not even having war imposed on them is not fit to rule. This would include allies of Russia. Oh yes, I remember, Russia didn't invent the bomb, they stole it in the 1940's and gave it to Kurchatov. Russia struggles with an identity crisis since its beginnings unoriginal to the ethnic groups. Its errors are numerous, 50 million killed by Stalin in WW2, allied to the Nazis to kill the Poles for their defeat in WW2, Holodomor where millions of Ukrainians were killed and grain stolen, and constant antagonist with Europe. We even have the Holy Mother announcing Russia’s errors at Fatima. Russia is a Mongolian culture and all the first Czars were Mongolian and Batu Kahn is the author.

    Oskold was the grandson of Ragnar the king of Sweden, his name is old Norse and spoke old Norse, the name Rus is old Norse, he settled peacefully in Kiev and the Slavs made him king, he brought Christianity to Kiev with his son dir…his burial mound is where St Nicholas church is built, Oleg wasn’t even in Novgorod when this happened, and Oleg is not a Rus nor old Norse name. The Slavs called Oskold the name Askold. After came Dir, Oleg was a pagan who assassinated Dir, Oskold becomes the first dynasty…later when the line of kings get to Vladimir, he is captured at a trading post by the Mongols, the post is called Moskva, and the king killed. Moskva as a city was a Mongolian invention, and Novgorod becomes a part of that Russia by conquest, although having nothing to do with the Rus. Oskold line is Ragnar, ironside, Oskold from the King of Sweden Ragnar. Oleg is via Rurik coming much later. The accounts of Oskold are within the time, Al Mamun an Arab writer of the time wrote of Oskold, the Russian chronicles come hundreds of years later. In much the same way accounts of relevant history are better understood by those of the times, much like the Bible, dating to the original times makes the account authentic. The Russian chronicles are merely a tale and inaccurate

  23. SLAVA 🙏🙏🇺🇦🙏…. 👎👎👎👎👎NATO

  24. I remember in school studying the Monroe doctrine

  25. Would not be smart for Russia to attack a European nato country never mind the US. Putin would see something his country had never seen in his history! He doesn’t want this smoke! The atomic bomb the United States dropped on Japan was a test run. Someone needs to stop Putin, he is a danger to the world, intentionally killing, raping innocent women and children! People can say what they want about the United States but our military does not do things like this! We stand up to bullies, we stand up for freedom and democracy, it’s who we are and this is what we do! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  26. America’s are BETTER joe Biden never lies

  27. The US is persistently trying to turn a local conflict into a pan-European war. The US has never been at war with a nuclear state in history.Perhaps by June people in Europe will only be left in parts of Spain and Portugal… 05.05.2022
    Judging by the calculations of the general staff of the AFU the average losses of the Russian army is 443 people per day, and during the WWII the average losses of the Red Army per day exceeded 6000 people for 4 years in a row, so for now it really is a special operation, a local conflict of medium intensity, with the threat of escalating into a global one.
    In June 2014, the US MoD conducted a COE on a military conflict between Russia and NATO using conventional weapons. Even if all available NATO troops (including the US) stationed in Europe were moved to the Baltic (including the 82nd Airborne Division, which should be ready to move within 24 hours), NATO would lose out in the conflict. "We simply don't have that kind of force in Europe. Then there is also the fact that the Russians have the best surface-to-air missiles in the world and they are not afraid to use heavy artillery," explained one US army general. The Russian victory was not the only one. The Americans had conducted exercises several times, with different scenarios favourable to NATO. But always with the same conclusion. The Russians were invincible.
    Global Lightning 17 was a scenario where conventional weapons failed to stop the enemy and nuclear weapons were used. The U.S. military, along with colleagues from Australia, Canada, Denmark and the United Kingdom, used different scenarios: retaliatory nuclear strikes and disarming the aggressor with a pre-emptive nuclear strike. The essence did not change – the conflict in Europe was escalating into a global war of nuclear powers. Three countries were engaged in a global nuclear war against the US: Russia, China and Iran.
    Experts have concluded that after 2020 in the event of war with Russia the US would suffer unacceptable damage even if the PRC does not enter the war. The use of nuclear missile weapons with current characteristics by the enemy, according to US analysts, made it possible to break through the ABM system and destroy both infrastructure and military facilities, as well as about 100 million US civilians. As a centralised state, the USA would cease to exist, having lost 4/5 of all civil and industrial infrastructure. It would only be worse in Europe, where the level of destruction would reach 90% and people would be left only in parts of Spain and Portugal
    Source here:
    The whole world has forgotten that Russia launched the first satellite into space and now it has many cosmodromes. The United States launches its satellites on Russian rocket engines. Russia builds and sells nuclear power plants all over the world because it has a lot of nuclear fuel.

  28. Russian : Sir one of our rocket missed the target and landed on Poland

    Poland : ARTICLE 5 BABY!!!!

  29. How long will we allow this evil dictator to continue murdering innocent women and children destroying cities. No more Nato needs to give Russia an
    ultimatum withdraw or we will destroy Russia!

  30. As a Pole, I can confirm that we are ready to push red button of Article 5.
    So we can
    DO IT
    We can

  31. I can tell u russia is not ready for usa they are surgical and the air they fly above radar with fith generation jets

  32. This is so fucking immature. All of it. People just want power and money. Why 🙁


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