Lionel Messi talks about The 2022 FIFA Global Cup – Qatar (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

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One among Leo’s biggest needs is to win this cup, …


  1. the king needs his crown!

  2. I wish he will win the world cup so he can happily retire whenever he want
    I want him to be happy at his retirement

  3. Interesting how he keeps saying how he doesn’t think Argentina are one of the favorites when they clearly should be. Maybe he’s saying this to help motivate himself and his team that perhaps they are not good enough just yet and are going to push to become not only a favorite, but THE favorite and I feel like people always undermine the South American teams just because they don’t play in the Euros…

  4. Why is he under confident…….arg is the team which has got that amazing chemistry between the players 🔥🔥💥

  5. La ultima bala…

    Esperemos que se de

  6. Hey God plz give him what he wants 🥇🏆🇦🇷🐐👽🦁 world cup 2022

  7. 7 ballon dor for messi in 2021 goat 🐐

  8. Yes but he can't win alone is about lots of team work and if you wach the lost games you see that happens a lot in argentina but not in Barcelona and mi opinion is that besides the long front line working together and team up assist each other there is always a soport from the organization to make the players understand that this games are about playing as a team and to conquer the gol not about ego's one player alone can't win nothing I don't care who he is messi is a excellent player but in this case 3 front players and a good defense is a most

  9. Le football a une dette envers Messi, il a commencé à lui payer mais il en reste deux quarts de dettes: la coupe du monde 2022, et le ballon d'or 2023.


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