Missiles hit Lviv in Ukraine’s west as Russia bombards towns – BBC Information

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Russian forces have bombarded several Ukrainian cities including Lviv in the west, which …

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Missile strike hits military infrastructure in Ukraine’s Lviv region: Governor - Al Arabiya English

05/15/2022 - Al Arabiya English

Missile strike hits military infrastructure in Ukraine’s Lviv region: Governor  Al Arabiya EnglishMissile hits military infrastructure in Ukraine's Lviv region, governor says  ReutersMissiles Destroy Military Infrastructure in Western Ukraine Near Polish Border - Governor  U.S. News & World ReportUkraine's Lviv region struck by missile, military infrastructure hit  Fox NewsView Full Coverage on Google News...

Live: Blinken 'confident' Finland and Sweden will join NATO despite Turkey's concerns - FRANCE 24 English

05/15/2022 - FRANCE 24 English

Live: Blinken 'confident' Finland and Sweden will join NATO despite Turkey's concerns  FRANCE 24 English...

April 16, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news - CNN

04/16/2022 - CNN

April 16, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news  CNN...

Russia's war in Ukraine: Live updates - CNN

05/15/2022 - CNN

Russia's war in Ukraine: Live updates  CNN...

Russia-Ukraine crisis live updates | Missile hits military infrastructure in Ukraine’s Lviv region - The Hindu

05/15/2022 - The Hindu

Russia-Ukraine crisis live updates | Missile hits military infrastructure in Ukraine’s Lviv region  The Hindu...

Lviv, Ukrainian Town Near Polish Border, Rocked by Explosions - Newsweek

05/03/2022 - Newsweek

Lviv, Ukrainian Town Near Polish Border, Rocked by Explosions  Newsweek...


  1. https://youtu.be/ujStYtl0upw Russia has tested the world's most powerful nuclear missile, the Sarmat. Russia has the largest number of nuclear warheads in the world. And then there is the "Dead Hand" system, which, if Russia is destroyed, will automatically launch a massive nuclear strike on America and the UK. This is a warning to Biden and the American oligarchs and clan-corporate terrorist groups, who like spiders invaded dozens of countries around the world for selfish purposes.Destroying foreign countries, overthrowing unwanted governments and killing hundreds of thousands of people.

  2. Ofc they’re not gonna surrender, Russia doesn’t give a shit about the Geneva convention, look at all those poor women and children massacred and raped by Russian soldiers in Bucha.

    Honestly fuck Putin and Russia as a whole at this point.

  3. When the war is over in Ukraine some how hope there want be know more war

  4. Not troops it's Terrorist

  5. We should help each other besides distracting …

  6. Hypocrites from the west are just observing this war, they are pleased to have war with Russia 🇷🇺 but not on their territory. They are determined by all means to continue this war supplying Ukraine with more and more weapons.
    By the way, Russians target only military supplies of weapons not residential areas. And, don't believe everything : there are lots of fakes on utube about Russian autrocities. Ukrainian president is an addict, how can he be believed?

  7. This is BS and you know it. Where do you get this crap from?

  8. United States is responsable of Uckrane war, pushing Russia to act by trying Uckrane join NATO, to justified put atomic bombs in Putin face. Did United States accept Putin do the same to USA?.

  9. Russia❤❤❤❤

  10. ZELENSKI=GOEBBELS=NAZI Clarify: Joseph Goebbels was Hitler's Nazi Minister of Communications and Advertising. In his governance, he had 11 Principles of Communications and Advertising.

    Principle 5 Of popularization.

    All propaganda must be popular, adapting its level to the least intelligent of the individuals to whom it is addressed. The larger the mass to be convinced, the smaller the mental effort to be made. The receptive capacity of the people is limited and their understanding scarce; In addition, they are very easy to forget.

  11. Looking at the massive bombing and shelling of the remote city of Lviv and hitting the residential area in almost all cities of Ukraine, Russia now deserves the stringent military punishment, and the time has now come to give it a fitting reply in the language Russia understands.

  12. USA government and its partner are the enemy and terrorist of the world and the great American peoples.

  13. This point of view is only European, why impose your point of view on other Europeans. We want the regime of the senile Bush and comedian Zelensky, who make money on weapons. These two people are destroying people, where is the information about them.?

  14. This is poop stains last stand he has cancer. Be careful he could do anything! He's on pain medication! Remember Jorge Floyd he was also on pain medication. And he fought to the death!


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