President Biden delivers an update on Ukraine and Russia — 2/22/22

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President Joe Biden delivers an update on the situation in Russia and Ukraine and the U.S. response, the White House said.

The speech will be Biden’s third such address in a week, and it comes just hours after Russia’s parliament voted Tuesday to give President Vladimir Putin sweeping authority to deploy troops abroad.

On Monday, Putin ordered troops into two breakaway regions of eastern Ukraine after announcing that he would recognize their independence.

U.K. Health Minister Sajid Javid said Tuesday that “the invasion of Ukraine has begun.”

Biden has not yet used the …


  1. You have brought shame to the people of the United States you talk of sanctions you are killing US citizens cant you see the children killed how can you just sit n enjoy senseless things are better than you

  2. 9:20 "We are going to respond with unity, clarity, and CONVICTION." Wowww 😂 the world doesn't know if we should be laughing or shivering

  3. Wow…!! What was that…he's Not going to go into What?

  4. This president is a joke.
    I hope a squirrel monkey runs next time.

  5. Biden's globaism… clinton foundation…onu, new urss.. totalitary democracy…


  7. Dear friends, I am an Iranian American independent voter who has been
    fighting for democracy and human rights for forty four years. I do
    believe democratic party in the United States is just working for
    themselves. They own most of the oil stocks and they just think about
    their money. They do not care about democracy or human rights. Those
    white Americans are using the power of the minority ( black American,
    Spanish, ashen, and middle east) for themselves. How many white
    Americans are in democratic party? I can tell you about Twenty percent. I
    was looking at the ratios of minorities. Hispanic residents comprise
    18.3% of the population. The shares for black and Asian residents are
    12.5%and middle. east are %5 of the population. So you see the power of
    democratic party. Anytime we have an election Democratic party tries to
    make fear like republicans are red neck or racist. or they are rich and
    claim republican are against black or emigrants or republican are
    supporting rich and against low income. But what is reality. The white
    democratic party members think about their stocks oil nothing more.
    Biden said they knew about the Putin invasion and they were ready for
    that invasion. He is right about it because they have been actually
    willing for that invasion. The price for the oil stock before the
    election was about Fifty dollars and now is $105. Just think about the
    money democratic party members have been making.  Biden gave this
    message to Putin ( the United states are not going to get involved in
    this war and does not do anything).  so maybe you say how about
    sanction. Dear friends The only sanctions are to take the money away
    from Putin and put this money to members of oil stocks. It just
    increases the price of the oil up and up. Biden says he appreciated
    Ukraine for the resistance but on the other hand no any help for them.
    The time the war started, Biden asked the Ukrainian president to run
    away from the country.  Dear friends, I do believe we should be more
    careful. The white democratic members are just using the minority power
    to reach their goals. They support the government terrorist in Iran and
    feeding them just as much they can use them for increasing their money.
    They tried to stop president Trump because he was standing up in front
    of    Iranian government and it was very close to changing the regime
    but as always they came to power to continue the game for themselves.
    Before Putin was not allowed to attack but now Putin is destroying a
    peaceful country. Putin soldiers are killing the human rights and babies
    and rapping the women and girls but the only thing Biden thinks is his
    oil stock growing. Democratic party members are not just racist they are
    not human. The bad thing is they are in power because of our fear of
    republicans but trust me for sure republican are much more unset and
    human than white American democratic party. Biden is holding European
    countries to get involved in this war because he does not want a world
    war three which is a really ridiculous excuse. It was just Putin who saw
    the army of the United states and European. Putin ran away. God bless
    everyone and I hope God leads us to the right way. Ukrainian need our
    help and just prayer is not enough. Please just put your family the same
    situation those people are suffering God does not forgive people who
    sees killing rapping and torturing and does not do anything.

  8. According to the left-wing fake propaganda machine, Putin is now the bad one (MAYBE?). What's very bizarre, to call this DANGEROUS totalitarian Marxist dictator Joe BIden the president. What's even more bizarre about these brainless sheep that applaud this psychopath? Seeing this, I think the end of civilization is coming?

  9. Putin is a killer!! ☝🏽 Says BIDEN, a person who sent 💣💣 to Syria 🇸🇾 without any reason.
    Wow, that’s hypocrisy at the highest level 👏

  10. Biden u are really a joke and a shame, the whole world laughs at you. 🤦🏽‍♀️
    It’s unbelievable how would anyone elect you to be a president. 😳
    It’s absurd, a man has clearly a progressive dementia, looks like he doesn’t even realise what is going on and what he is saying.
    That’s insane 🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. Almost 500,000 views 5000 thumbs up even with them removing the thumbs down button for Biden you can still see the truth. American people are done with the Democrats and MSM lies and deceit

  12. He's squinting to read the teleprompter

  13. I fell asleep listening to bidens BS. What a piece OS. You tube will start censoring acronyms if not already

  14. President Biden's moves against the procurement of American oil was only a step to weaken our armed forces who are mostly not equipped (& won't be soon) to utilize alternative fuels. Americans know that the U.S. has a vast number of topped off and capped oil wells that have been saved for exactly this kind of situation. There's an abundance of oil also underneath parts of the 48 states, Alaska and all along our immense shorelines. The only reason I can see for depending on foreign oil is greed for the kick-backs. We are a great country that doesn't deserve leaders who cower under thugs and bully's. This guy needs to either man up or back up and give the girl a chance to show her teeth. I'll even bet the oil he's bought from Putin came from a long Russian subterranean pipeline that they have drilled right beneath Alaska. America needs to execute the dummy's that choose our candidates and put in people who will actually nominate smarter and better choices; people to vote for who are patriotic, courageous, and not constantly on the take. Also let's get the Keystone Pipeline up & running ASAP.

  15. They got money for war but can't feed the poor right here in amerikkka huh?

  16. This is what happens when we don't listen to Trump saying the election was stolen!!!!!! It should have been investigated!

  17. It used to be funny watching this old fool blunder his way through a speech but now it's just gotten aggravating

  18. This his last term for sure the worst president in history

  19. The USA cannot talk about civilian casualties after dropping a bomb on Hiroshima ,,,,Pot calling the kettle black

  20. 👎   > this Feeble  & Incompetent Biden administration has SCREWED UP the economy so terribly that the "Dollar Tree " now has raised everything to $1.25 😒😥 .. so Sad ! [ let's not  even include the Debacle Creapy Joe created w/ doubling of GA$S prices and out of control grocery cost$$ ]  👎… don't even think about our crap show at our Southern Border or foreign affairs  debacles w/ Afganistan,  Ukraine,  and soon…. a disaster with Taiwan  😫

  21. America 🇺🇸 is more interested in gas prices , then the AMERICAN heart that Ukraine holds and also the AMERICAN mind that would rather die than be a slave or NOT FREE! We aren’t even taking Ukraine refugees compared to Africans, but AMERICA will stock up on Mexicans who are claimed by drug cartels who control Mexico through corruption. AMERICA WILL lose it’s heart completely, then we will lose our country. I am glad I am able to write my personal opinions about America, but many AMERICANS take free speech and other freedoms for granted. Take a kneel and burn the flag and hopefully you can lie to get some Mexican pesos , but these people aren’t even worth “Sao Tome And Principe Dobra” currency of Africa. Free Speech always comes with a cost and often you CANNOT GET THAT MONEY BACK. ☑️ Hopefully the Sinaloa doesn’t read my response, but many Mexicans hate America even though they were born here and I will NEVER understand WHY their loyalties are to Mexico. 🙄 It MUST be the drugs that keep Mexicans or Mexican Americans loyal to Mexico. 😬

  22. Tell the whole world better where the covid19 pandemic came from and why you built 50 laboratories in Ukraine and Georgia and a bunch of other countries where the Russians found a lot of disease infection! There is information that in Pyongyang you infected all of humanity

  23. USA has made numerous enemies and this totalitarian dictatorship isn't only working but it will leads to possible WW3. We don't have evidence to prove that it was Mr. Putin's intention to invade Ukraine. International policy is going to make more enemies if we don't do right at this point in time. We need not to make conflict anymore between Russia and Ukraine you international workers. We have many difficulties here in USA and with this war between Russia and Ukraine we would hurt more to Americans. Please, not to make any inaccurate decision instead use pragmatism. If one party is not being honest with the other the one party have no choice but to do what is necessary action when or where it's needed. Do not play games with human dignity or integrity cause we will pay the price for it not Russia. Please, stop acting like terrible 2 years old child the un ambassadors I would like to referring to instead do respect all human beings you can't be ostrisized nation when we do we will pay the price for it. Only God knows what. Having a good relationship with neighbors countries means prosperity for Americans. We do not allowed anymore totalitarian dictatorship in USA. It is time to go back to the future. Please, do the right things. Haven't we have had enough of all the nonsense or destruction caused by international policy makers? We cannot have any peace at all when we are engaged in totalitarian dictatorship governing methods for so may years. So therefore, time to change thus people of international policy makers. We don't wanted to keep making enemies with neighbors countries. Bottom line is we know we(USA)are too big to fail that doesn't mean that we are entitled to every country. Despite of sanctions against Russia belive me Russians are resilient people and they have supplies to feed its country's people. So I would like to ask you whoever is reading my comment please take care of this with the pragmatism. Ukraine is dependent on USA support for everything so when Ukraine is sending signals to Russia by "I scratch your back and you scratch my back kind of deals" with USA. Russians are resilient and they have supplies to feed entire population for years to come. Please, don't wake the sleeping giant by doing sanctions and all other things to try to control by immature or inexperienced foreign policy makers. Do not make mistake.

  24. The Catholic Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, with the full complicity of the Catholic Pres. Joe Biden, has quashed the $1 billion dollars Twin Towers insurance policy taken out under my name 'Victor Nimrud Alexander' by my CIA father Nimrud John Malik Kambar, in other words he stole it from me as I was the sole beneficiary of the $1 billion dollars, because it was my father Nimrud John Malik Kambar who was the general contractor and it was he that borrowed the money from several NYC banks to build it; and then John Roberts sent it to the Italian Roman Catholic former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who sent it to Pope Francis to reward Pope Francis for the the murder of Six Million Jews caused by the Pope Pius XII in conspiracy with Hitler Germany and other Nazi countries and Axis countries like Prime Minister Kishida's Japan (who has confiscated $2 billion dollars of my father's money which he put under my name Victor Nimrud Alexander,) and since Hitler was baptized by his mother Klara born in Austria, where Hitler was also born, and together these Catholics murderers of the Six Million Jews have illegally confiscated my $3 billion dollars, and they should be punished by all those countries who support Israel and it's sovereignty — Victor Nimrud Alexander

  25. Biden!an old psycho and a terrorist war criminal, for the destruction of Vietnam, Syria, Yugoslavia, Libya, IRAQ, FOR the GENOCIDE of INDIANS is sentenced to death!!!

  26. What about when The U.S.A military began there brutal assault against Iraq and Afghanistan
    without provocation without justification without necessity it was a premeditated invasion of 2 sovereign countries all they had to say is lies and more lies without any proof they murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian women and children. U.S presidents were the aggressors they chose these wars they committed war crimes and suffer no consequences great democracy. they get away with murders its shame.

  27. 2/22/2022…..and starting at 2:22pm. Have a look at the astrological chart for this exact moment. Where is the ascendant/descendant line? What planets are on that line? Then ask yourself whether, or not your 'elected officials' practice sympathetic magic, and electional astrology?

  28. 2/22/2022…..and starting at 2:22pm. Have a look at the astrological
    chart for this exact moment. Where is the ascendant/descendant line?
    What planets are on that line? Then ask yourself whether, or not your
    'elected officials' practice sympathetic magic, and electional

  29. Bidon and his family have been robbing Ukraine for 30 years!
    And now this?!
    Diet are war criminals as much in Kosovo as ukraine

  30. Mainstream media news… why dont you report on the UK/ Nato special Force's undercover operations in Ukraine who are help fighting against the Russians.

  31. I was suffering from Herpes, i suffered until i meet Dr Osaba on YouTube the great Traditional healer who cured me from herpes virus, for more information You can reach him out on YouTube.

  32. This is a mother f… Who till date kept the Ukraine war stretched and survived. Whatever has happened in butcha today in Ukraine , this f….. Man is solely responsible for everything, and constantly instigating and enraging vladimir putin , to enhance the war on cost of Ukrainian people's lives. He called putin a " butcher" standing on soil of Poland and then left for his home back again. He insulted and instigated a dictator monster like putin whom he himself can't fight off but continously wagging his tongue against this russian dictator, and spiralling the situation out of control and hand more and more. this is the same man who called putin a " butcher" and blazed the situation into a wild fire further. Next, And as a reply- and to hit back , – putin's russian
    / chechen army mercilessly "butchered " 400 civilians in butcha, Ukraine — to reply back and as a "demonstration " to president "senile" biden for his unconscious remarks. Even after this henious crime was perpetrated, for which senile biden was indirectly responsible, he was stiil seen smiling. His smile continued as because the people who died so painfully in butcha in hands of russian army as an "hit back" of senile remarks by biden , were not americans but poor unfortunate ukrenian people, who lost their everything in the war. Thus it matters little to mr biden what outcome befalls on Ukraine in long run for his any wrong comment or his interference in ukrain war. But senile doddering biden is listless of what hapoens to ukrain and its poor people. Friends, we know that when a place catches fire fiercely, firefighters splashes water to douse the flame, but here senile biden is constantly spilling petrol in the war fire to fully demolish Ukraine to its last brick with help of his puppet zelensky who is fighting not to save his country or his countrymen , but for his own "war hero" image. Obviously This is not the time to instigate the war but to cool it down to peace. but biden and zelensky is doing totally and exactly opposite to it. So long this dirty senile man will interfere between putin and foolish president of Ukraine, war will never come to an end. On the contrary , more Ukraine civilians r waiting in line to get butchered by russians in future as an outcome of wrong decisions of this senile and hyoocrite mr biden and his duffer puppet mr. Volod zekensky.

  33. Imagine the amount of “unlikes” that are hidden. I bet they’re in the hundreds of thousands. Way to propagate for the war machine “big tech”.

  34. Take care your country mister. Biden
    Be a USA president in

  35. This President would not have so much on his plate if the losers here in the US would stop supportting Puntang!

  36. What a Joke!

  37. I laughed looking behind his Bold without a word to the Media


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