Russia is specializing in Jap Ukraine. Retired common explains how you can forestall them

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Former NATO Very best Allied Very best Commander Gen. Wesley Clark explains what Russia’s goals are in Jap Ukraine and the way Ukrainian forces can forestall them. #CNN #Information …

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  1. these retired generals are just that..retired generals- who fought wars 20,30,40 plus years ago that logic no longer need apply to this war

  2. Is this a one way war? Why isn't Ukraine disrupting Russian/bombing major military targets?

  3. CNN is actually a pathetic news organization

  4. This fycking idiot doesn't know what a pocket is? Donbas is a pocket. You don't enter a pocket unless you want to die

  5. At this point remember we lost thousands and thousands of soldiers fighting for the freedom we lost 5000 men in the South Pacific taking one island

  6. I know how to stop Russians.
    Just destroy USA and NATO (terrorist war machine) from Earth.
    World will be in peace 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  7. Ukraine compare to a EELS-( Eels climbs against to the mountains)-' Eels are cautious animals, it is really tricky to catch them some crawl upon the mountain in the daytime when the water is cleared if they go up they know it's better up there, Eels are hard to handle after we catch them .If you grab it thinking it's all done , it's escapes you're hand in an instant, Because Eels are the only fish that can go backward elusive."

  8. If Russia controls the sea ports, then I'd be thinking it controls much of Ukraine REGARDLESS of how much ground it takes in the Donbas. Where are the Russians going to get their fuel from IF they move south from places like kyiv? A main fuel depot was hit ? So unless fuel comes from the sea, how is Russia going to keep the troops moving ?

  9. Meet them head on loose some few but beathim at his own game

  10. I don't understand, if these retired guys are so smart why hasn't the US won any of the conflicts they have gotten involved in??? I think the last war the US won might have been WW2 but even that was a combined effort which would have been different if Russia did not deliver the fatal blow. Not a record to brag about, again the Russians faired better in their conflicts and are definitely not to be taken lightly..

  11. The West and NATO have so far demonstrated restraint. Now may be the time when the EU or NATO can go in full-force, full-commitment, without restraint, and take care of business. The stage is set. 🇺🇸💛🇺🇦

  12. Putin…wanted dead or alive!!! Preferably dead🙂

  13. For God's sake give Ukraine the weapons now!!

  14. You better get your a** in gear and save
    Maripo or you will lose the cost

  15. Ukraine most corrupt state in world 🌍, America just vesting money 💴 in Ukraine . I live Ukraine many years , Evan l serves USSR army in Ukraine . No different between Russians & Ukrainian , almost same languages .

  16. This country needs Gen Wesley Clark who has the experience and history of success in this theater of war. He knows and understands very well Putin and Russian military.
    Clark served as the Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO from 1997 to 2000, commanding Operation Allied Force during the Kosovo War.

  17. Hey, CNN, where is Jack Matlock's interview? The first US ambassador in USSR? You took it down because it goes against your narrative. You're despicable Biden's mouthpiece. Yuck!

  18. Russia will take Ukraine no matter how many weapons the West gives them. Russia has not taken the gloves off yet, but it will. Ukraine is being stooged for US economic interests

  19. A win in Ukraine is a win for the world. Every possible effort must be given to ensure that dictators do not hold freedom hostage. A defeat in Ukraine will signal everywhere that liberal democracy is weak and can and will be exploited. The price of victory now will be small in comparison to later as WWII has show. It is a connected world. What happens in Ukraine matters for the rest of the world. May the world unite to defeat again the forces of tyranny.

  20. Ukraine is winning and winning BIG! Russian forces are being DECIMATED! Reports coming in that Russia is in full retreat. Russian soldiers are surrendering and many are deserting. President Zelensky is fighting on the frontline with the Ukrainian troops, inspiring the nation and the whole world. With President Zelensky fighting along your side Ukraine simply cannot lose! This war has exposed how weak Russia really is. There's even talk now of Ukraine invading Russia to take out evil Putin.

  21. Ukraine has NO chance if winning. US and NATO are happy to sacrifice every Ukrainian in their desire for Russian resources

  22. This video is 7 days old. In that 7 days the Russians have already surrounded the Ukraine army. If they don't surrender they will all be killed.

  23. Yeah that’s obvious about not getting surrounded, but doesn’t say what Ukraine needs to do and that’s cut off the Russians before Odesa and try pushing them back into that Ukraine position on the coast to cut em off from supplies getting in the southern coast. Than if your successful doing that to keep pushing up the coast. That’s going to be bad for Ukraine if Russia has all these supply lines coming in from the north, northeast, east, and southeastern areas. Ukraine needs to start using IED’s too on them supply lines. This would of never happened with Trump in office. It’s so obvious why Russia moved on Ukraine when they did. Weak incompetent man in office with dementia. Even the Saudi’s are making cartoons about how incompetent biden is.

  24. Can't we just bomb Moscow and the Kremlin to oblivion?

  25. America needs to help Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 (fight well my friends may god be with all of you )

  26. Haha if u was so good why not enter in Serbia with army,or u was afraid to not hapend again Vietnam

  27. I suspect if NATO tells Russia that it won't let any of those countries in NATO, Russia would probably pack up and go home….

    Thing is, if we let one of them in, and Russia instantly drops a nuke on them, NATO won't do anything to Russia, militarily speaking.

    Any NATO war with Russia is a nuclear war, because despite the lies you've been told about how powerful Russia is, compared to NATO, its military is nothing.

    Russia 144 million people
    NATO ~1 billion.

    America's federal government takes about 3.5 TRILLION from our GDP. Russia's total GDP is just 1.48 trillion.

    Literally, our military gets more than half of Russia's total GDP.
    Then the GDP of the other 29 NATO countries……..

    As long as Russia doesn't mess with any of the current NATO members, NATO is NOT getting in a fight with Russia. Because it means nukes on our heads.

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  30. What day was Wes Clark's analysis and when was the other analyst's piece broadcast? I am curious as to just how prophetic Gen. Clark (aka the Man) was

  31. In three days and Crimea is not over yet

  32. in that case high bomb will also drop to russia, o be fair what he is doing to ukraine.

  33. This never would have happened and never did under Trump. Now, democrats have not only Afghanistan blood on their hands, but Ukraine blood after they rigged the election to get biden, the child sniffer, into office. It is just sad and heartbreaking to see this corrupt, failed administration stumble through these times where entire countries are wiped out, thanks to biden. It is the worst I've ever seen America. I hope we can last 3 more years under illegitimate president biden, who sexually assaulted Tara Reade and whose son is a pedophile and crook. Inflation is out of control, crime is out of control, housing costs are out of control, we have no borders now, the white house is siccing the FBI on parents for questioning critical race theory and biden wants to keep masks on us. What loser would vote for this?

  34. The eastern part of Ukraine is mostly populated by Russians and they’ve been brutally oppressed by the Ukrainian government since 2014 when a US backed coup d’etat seized power in Kiev and the eastern provinces declared independence. Russia will win easily. The USA wants to keep this war going as long as possible. Putin was justified in defending the Russians living in eastern Ukraine. Russia is going to succeed in eastern Ukraine no matter how many arms the US sends to Kiev.

  35. Russia has not changed its war aims – its always focused on eastern Ukraine which is Russian! Russia has never attempted to take Kiev at all!

  36. Welcome to my news program, General, my I call you general, General, or would you prefer your military 'handle', Skippy? Before we start let me introduce our listeners to you. You were an eight star general, four stars on each shoulder, 4 times 4 equals 8 and you still have your blunderbuss ready for action. I see your books on war, baseball and the future of cabbage patch collectables on the bookshelf behind you. Your book, 'Is Bubble Gum Causing Cavities in the Dugout' is blowing the minds of the sports world, congrats on that. Now, about Cabbage Patch kids, really Skippy, are you serious? General, your neck is turning red please don't get angry. Now, what about the war Putin started in Ukraine? General, Skippy? Sir, wake up.

  37. How To Catch and Convict a Pedophile – A Guide BY GENERAL wesley clark (who IS PEDOFIL}…


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